National guidelines in Europe


Comparison of European national guidelines

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has not yet published anything about plant-based nutrition.  National plant-based nutrition guidelines are very different all around Europe.  Denmark and France have published almost contradictory recommendations, while the UK’s position papers are disturbingly different from those of Switzerland.  Comparison with the Vegan Society’s position shows that the science is not likely to be the only cause.

Official guidelines seem to be closer to vegan organizations’ publications in countries where there are more vegans and they are better coordinated, such as the United Kingdom.  Dietethics is publishing translated material from various European authorities for everyone to compare.

Populations who chose a plant-based diet are treated equally in the United Kingdom.  The rest of Europe appears not to give equal protection to vegans, lacking expertise and thus giving bad advice or no advice at all.  This type of social exclusion has turned into a European public-health problem.  As far as plant-based diets are concerned, the United Kingdom's guidelines are the best of all national guidelines in Europe.