Eating together

Dietethics is a European partnership subsidized by Grundtvig.The European agencies selected the French Vegan Society, the Swissveg and the Danish Animal Alliance as non-profit organizations because we provide adult education.

The partnership's full title is 'Mitigating climate change, food shortage and social exclusion by adopting healthy and sustainable lifestyles'. 

Practicle learning for adults

Europe has a variety of educational programmes:  Comenius, Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci and Grundtvig.

Launched in 2000, Grundtvig aims at providing adults with more ways to improve their knowledge and skills, facilitate their personal development and boost their employment prospects.  It also helps to tackle problems associated with Europe‚Äôs ageing population.

It covers not only teachers, trainers, staff and organizations working in the sector but also learners in adult education.  These include relevant associations, counselling organizations, information services, policy-making bodies and others such as NGOs, enterprises, voluntary groups and research centres.

The programme funds a range of activities, particularly those supporting adult-learning staff to travel abroad to enable them to broaden their knowledge through exchanges and various other professional experiences.  Other larger-scale initiatives involve, for instance, networking and partnerships between organizations in different countries.

More information about Grundtvig: