The Ministry of Health of Romania endorses and publishes the dietary guidelines of the Nutrition Society of Romania (attached to the hospital in the city of Iasi). Neither Nutrition Recommendations or the Guide to healthy eating are specifically addressed to vegans. Chosen abstracts related to vegetarianism have nevertheless been translated.

Guide to healthy eating


"Except for soy based diets (which only require methionine supplements for infants), protein supplementation is necessary for vegetarian diets, due to the low bioavailability of plant proteins." (p. 41-42)

"Two-thirds of proteins should be of animal origin. (...) Protein deficiency can occur in vegetarian children" (p. 73)

Vitamin B12

"Vegetarian breastfeeding mothers’ milk is low on B12, especially when the diet was adopted before and was continued during pregnancy." (p. 70)

"Even among vegetarians B12 hypovitaminosis is rare, because B12 producing micro-organisms are present in water and food." (p. 49)