Germany recommendations


"IN FORM" is the official dietary guide for Germany (Healthy eating and exercise initiative for Germany). It doesn't give protective guidance for people who choose to live on vegan diets:

"Even with carefully selected foods, it is impossible to meet nutrient requirements during pregnency on a strictly plant-based diet (vegan). The vegan diet puts health to serious risk, especially children's nervous system development.

The vegan diet always requires specific medical advice and micronutrient supplements."

Source: Nutrition and pregnancy: recommandations (p. 4).

While recognizing that specific knowledge is required, the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumption of Germany doesn't publish protective data for people who choose to live on vegan diets either:

"A strict vegan diet (without milk, eggs or cheese) can lead to deficiencies, thus requiring specific nutrition knowledge. This type of diet is inadvisable for children, adolescent girls and pregnant or lactating women. »

Source: Nutrition guide: publication 2, 2012 (p. 7).